Hugh E. Cumming Award Eligibility and Selection Criteria


To publicly recognize individuals or organizations making substantial contributions to or achievements in preserving, improving or educating about the environment in the Rochester-Genesee-Finger Lakes region.


Any individual, group of individuals, private organization/agency, public organization/agency is eligible to receive an award. Corporations, including manufacturing, retail, construction and other commercial firms, are eligible.

Criteria for Selection

1. The awarded activity must be a contribution or achievement in preserving, improving or educating about the natural environment.

2. The activity should demonstrate the creative approach to an environmental problem beyond the expected performance of a routine job, community expectation or legal requirement. The extent and duration of the activity should be considered.

3. The activity must be documented and the documentation must show adequate evidence of the environmental impact on the region or some part thereof.

4. The awarded activity may be a technical contribution or achievement of a contribution of time, expertise or other resources.

5. The awarded activity may have taken place in the immediately preceding year, or other past years. It may have been of a continuing or one-time nature. However, the award cannot be given in anticipation of some achievement or contribution.

6. Activities involving the giving of technical expertise in support of private or public environmental work should be given special attention.

7. The awarded activity will be considered for its creativity, sensitivity and environmentally sound approach to a solution.

Submitting Your Entry

Use the nomination form, with attachments including supporting materials, to help the Awards panel judge the merits of the nomination; for example, newspaper clippings, testimonials, reports, photographs or other documents. Materials will not be returned except by special request. Please send all materials to the

Center for Environmental Information
55 St Paul Street
Rochester, NY 14604

Fax 585-262-4156